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Import and export without bureaucracy. We take care from pick-up, clearance to delivery of the product.

We will help you and facilitate the export and import operations.

Speed and security

Flexibility and agility

No bureaucracy

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Our expertise


AMasironi has appropriate techniques for the import process, which ranges from cargo collection abroad, registration of the Import Declaration (DI), customs clearance to delivery of the cargo to the company. We work with Anvisa, Agriculture and the Army, among other intervening bodies for the necessary authorizations.


Focused on the needs of our clients, AMasironi advises the exporter on the design of packaging for export, issuance of commercial invoices, certificates, consular legalization, freight forwarding, insurance, and management of international communications, among other activities, all to ensure your company is well-advised.

Special Customs Regimes

  • Radar - Federal Revenue

  • Import and Export

  • Siscoserv

  • Tariff "Ex" process

  • Drawback

  • Temporary admission

  • Temporary export

  • Active and Passive Finishing

  • Customs Warehouse

  • Used Machinery and Equipment

Nosso servços

Our services

Advice and Consultancy

  • Radar - Federal Revenue

  • Import

  • Export

  • Analysis of legislation

  • Tariff 'Ex

  • Drawback

  • Temporary admission

  • Temporary export

  • Reimport and re-export

  • Bonded warehouse

  • Active and passive improvement

  • Import of machinery and equipment

  • Study and feasibility for importing used goods

  • Door-to-door' shipment coordination

  • Trade shows and congresses

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Logistics and International Transport

Our assistance in International Transport goes beyond just providing services - we offer a detailed study of the best solutions for transportation companies. We provide tailored services for each need, analyzing individual characteristics to recommend the best transportation solution.


  • Consultation for importing

  • Study and classification of merchandise (HS Code)

  • Obtaining licenses and boarding permissions if necessary (Import License)

  • Freight quotation and coordination of shipment

  • Cash forecast, payment of freight and fees

  • Registration of Import Declaration (ID)

  • Parametrization of ID

  • Submission of the Import Declaration to Customs

  • Customs Clearance

  • XML of the Electronic Invoice

  • Delivery of the goods to the Importer


  • Project in the preparation of packaging for export

  • Freight and insurance quotes

  • Preparation of Commercial Invoices, Packing Lists, Certificates of Origin, etc.

  • Consular Legislation

  • Analysis of the Letter of Credit

  • Creation of the DU-E (Unique Export Declaration) on the Single Portal

  • Cargo collection

  • Customs Clearance

  • Coordination and tracking of the shipment

Steer clear of unnecessary risks and surprises

Specialized Consulting

At AMasironi, we always stay attentive to customs regulations and adjust our services to meet the specific needs of your company, aiming to provide personalized solutions that will exceed your expectations. We conduct meticulous analyses of current legislation, delivering tailor-made solutions for each of our clients while respecting their unique requirements.

We manage your logistics and international transportation needs by providing daily tracking of 'door-to-door' shipments. This includes everything from collecting the cargo and coordinating the international shipment, to overseeing customs procedures and ensuring the delivery of the cargo to its destination.

With a team specialized across all modes of transport, we offer swift and efficient customs clearance for air, sea, rail, and road transportation.

We employ suitable techniques for the import process, encompassing cargo collection abroad, registration of the Import Declaration (DI), customs clearance, through to the delivery of cargo to the company.

We work in conjunction with regulatory bodies such as Anvisa, the Department of Agriculture, the Army, and others for necessary authorizations.

Centered on our clients' needs, AMasironi advises exporters on the design of packaging for export, issuance of commercial invoices, certificates, consular legalization, freight forwarding, insurance, overseas communication, and other activities, all to ensure your company receives the best guidance.

What our customers say


AMasironi has been our partner for the last ten years. Active and dynamic, it manages to release our processes in record time, always innovating with a commitment to agility and transparency. I feel relaxed working with AMasironi.

Edenilson Pegoretti


We at Cless Cosméticos are fully satisfied with the customs advisory work provided by AMasironi, especially emphasizing the dedication, patience and quality of services provided by the entire team of professionals of this renowned company. Congratulations and recommend!

Caio Caravieri


We found at AMasironi exactly what we expected from a company dedicated to customs procedures: careful analysis of our needs combined with a personalized, agile and efficient service.

Rosana Camargo


We have been using AMasironi services for over 8 years, with the certainty that we are very well advised. Agile company, extremely responsible and committed to its customers. I recommend!

Renato Pires Corrêa 

Our story

Founded in 1994, AMasironi Aduana inherited a winning history of more than 50 years in the customs segment, serving companies of the most varied segments and sizes. We have a team of highly qualified professionals, because we bring in our “DNA” a tradition of decades in the market.

Since 1994



Tradition of decades

Over 50 years of experience

If it's from this world, we ship it

With this principle, the AMasironi advises clients in Foreign Trade.

Always dynamic, we constantly improve. Our range of activities is wide, in addition to Customs Clearance Commissioner, we advise clients on international transport and insurance and we have a cell dedicated to government projects: “Ex tariff”, “Drawback”, among others.

Our structure is strategically set up with headquarters in São Paulo, offices in the port of saints, airports of GuarulhosViracopos it is us main points of the country to offer customs procedures with agility and efficiency combined with studies to minimize time and costs.


Our values

To be a reference in customer service, constantly offering updates on procedures and laws and seeking the loyalty of our partners are objectives of our mission.

We are always exceeding goals, to be the best option for our customers, employees, suppliers   and those working in  Comércio Exterior.

We start from the philosophy of providing different services to different customers, always presenting practical and agile alternatives and solutions, in search of satisfaction as a whole.







Valuing the human being


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